Book Bingo: Round 5

It’s Book Bingo time again, though I could cross off more than one square, I’m only crossing off one this week as I’ll run out of squares before the end of the year.


I’ve chosen to cross off Book Set In The Australian Outback as this weeks square by using Kim Kelly’s book Sunshine to do this. If you read my blog post on this book you’ll know how much I loved this book, I actually read it twice. Read my review here.



How are you all going with your book bingo?

Until next fortnight, happy reading.

5 thoughts on “Book Bingo: Round 5

    1. Me too, I love the word sunshine it makes me think of happy things, I could have put it in the square book with place in its title, but it so beautifully fitted this square and there are heaps of books with place names in their titles.


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