Monthly Challenge Update – February

This month has been a busy month, I got way more books read than I thought I would, but that is because many of them were only around 200 pages each. I just worked 3 nights, well if you can call it work as I only did two lifts in those 3  nights, leaving over 11 hours to read, I managed to get 6 books read in that time, my eyes were so tired I can tell you.

So for the Australian Women Writers Challenge  I read 9 books, one of those was the memoir Eggshell Skull which was a great but confronting read. Click on the link to check out any of the books I’ve read this month.

My Goodreads challenge is going great guns with 51/200 read already. I’m not sure I can really count one of them as it was only 49 pages.

feb reads

In The Aussie Author Challenge I have crossed off 4/4 books by Australian women, 1/4 by Australian men and 4/4 books by Australian authors I wasn’t familiar with. So 9/12 books crossed off already. I obviously need to find a few more Aussie male authors to chck out.

So until next month, happy reading x



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