Book Review: Whispers at Wongan Creek by Juanita Kees

When I heard Juanita Kees had a new book coming out in the Wongan Creek series, I thought I’d better get my act together and read the first book which I bought way back in 2016. Such is my addiction to buying great books, that it often takes me forever to get around to reading some of them.

IMG_20190212_004307This is another book that I really wish I’d read sooner, that being said, I’m extremely glad I’ve finally gotten around to it because it was a really great read and I’m looking forward to reading book 2 Secrets at Wongan Creek and the new release next month, Shadows over Wongan Creek

In a category of rural romantic suspense, this book was full of heart, interesting characters, community, secrets and a couple of unsavoury characters. At the heart of the story are Travis and his niece Casey (who’s absolutely adorable) who have both suffered a great loss and are working hard to prove to the powers that be that they should remain together as a family. Travis is a gorgeous guy (I’d love a Travis of my own) and a great uncle and has a huge heart for the people in the community.

Recently new in town is Heather Penney from social services whose job it is to assess whether Travis is fit to be Casey’s guardian. The sexual tension between the two makes doing Heather’s job and her resolve to remain professional much harder. They both try to resist, knowing crossing the line could be detrimental to Travis’ cause.

Then we have Harry, a fabulously lively character, who is suffering from Alzheimers. Harry is Travis’ neighbour and pretty much part of the family, that being said, Travis has taken on the responsibility of looking out for Harry and helping him out in his day to day tasks and in his bid to try to keep his land. This is a really lovely relationship and really shows us what communities can be like in supporting the people around them. We need more of this kind of support, not just in small towns, but in the city too, where so many people get left to fend for themselves.

All the characters we meet in Wongan creek, except for the Bannisters, are wonderfully diverse and very community spirited.

There are plenty of secrets to be uncovered in Wongan Creek surrounding Travis’ sisters death, Casey’s father and a truly horrible character Zac. Some of these secrets will help heal, some will cause trouble and there’s a great twist thrown in there too.

A highly enjoyable read that I definitely recommend. 4.5⭐⭐⭐⭐


About the book: Wongan Creek has a second chance at life, but new possibilities unearth long-buried secrets…

Travis Bailey may as well be Wongan Creek. His family has farmed canola for generations, and he sometimes feels like he holds the community together with his bare, dirt-stained hands. Between caring for the farm, his orphaned niece and his elderly, ailing neighbour, he doesn’t have time for himself. He doesn’t have time to fall in love.

Social worker Heather Penney is living on borrowed time. When her mother died of Motor Neurone Disease, she took the initial blood tests and now nothing is guaranteed, let alone a future with a family and a home and a child. Wongan Creek, and its resident protector, might be getting under her skin, but she can’t afford to get attached.

But even as a new mine revitalises the small town, old secrets threaten resurface, and Travis and Heather find themselves fighting to save the farms and the futures of Wongan Creek’s long-time residents—and possibly their own lives.

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