Monthly reading challenge updates

I thought due to the amount of books I plan on reading this year, that I would write a monthly check-in on what I’ve read and how my different challenges are going.

At the beginning of the year I signed up to Australian Women Writers Challenge to read 40 books. I have so far read 16 books by Australian women, though 5 of those were novellas or shorter stories. I think I’ll need to change my target for AWWC.

january round up

Book Bingo consisting of 30 squares, for this challenge I have crossed off 4 squares so far. See my book bingo posts;

Book set in an exotic location      Novella no more than 150 Words                                   Book with a red cover & Written by an author you’ve never read



All review books jan 2019

My Goodreads challenge is going great guns with 30/200 books read so far making me 9 books ahead of schedule  which gives me breathing room for any read downturn. If you want to check out any of the reviews of the books I have read, click on the Goodreads challenge link and then on each cover.








In The Aussie Author Challenge I have crossed off 3/4 books by Australian women, and 2/4 books by Australian authors I wasn’t familiar with. So 5/12 books crossed off already.

That’s it for January, on to February we go.


Happy reading 

Claire Louisa xx



9 thoughts on “Monthly reading challenge updates

    1. Yes, I’m doing better than expected, we will see if it continues, I certainly hope so. I’m sure you’ll catch up Helen.


      1. I did it for my overall log last year. This year, my wrap up posts will just link to these ones and have lists and images. So hopefully that will cut down on writing time :P.


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