Book Bingo: Novella less than 150 pages.

Hello everyone, we are over halfway through January already and it’s time for my second post for book Bingo. I read several books I could have marked off a square with this week, but I chose The Purple Hills by Alissa Callen as my novella less than 150 pages.


This is technically book 3 in the Woodlea series and was a highly enjoyable read.

I loved meeting Sibilla and Hugh and little Riley. I enjoyed seeing the attraction between the two become too strong for either of them to ignore despite their initial qualms in giving in to their feelings. I have to say I disliked Sibylla’s stepmother despite her reasons for her behaviour towards Sibylla. Riley’s love of astronomy and its aid in opening communication between Sibylla and her father was also a nice touch. Both Sibylla and Hugh were characters that made you hope for a HEA. For a short story it packed in a fair bit.

This is a free novella if you want to get a taste of this great series.

Amazon AU


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