Book Bingo week one: Book set in an exotic location

So today I am marking off my first square in the Book Bingo challenge.

I am using Michelle Diener’s The Daughter of the Sky, this could have easily marked off a few squares, but I’ve chosen to use it to mark off the square: Book set in an exotic location, I can’t think of anywhere more exotic than Zululand in Africa.


This was a fabulous read set during the battle between the British and the Zululand people. Both a romance and a history lesson.

Read my full review here:


Feel free to join in with the challenge. I’d love to hear what book you’ve chosen this week.

The next update for book bingo will be fortnightly on a Saturday.


Claire Louisa x

3 thoughts on “Book Bingo week one: Book set in an exotic location

    1. I’m in a couple, the other one only has 12 books to cover, other than the AWW of course. With the way you read I’m sure you’ll meet your challenges easy.

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